The Green Computer perks

Buying a Green Computer product comes with many perks:

Savings of
50% and more

2-year warranty on parts and labour

Unmatched performance and durability

An environmentally friendly purchase

Durable and high-performance
computers at a budget price


Quality and Performance

There are three grades of computer hardware on the market: Consumer grade, office grade, and…

Green Computer only offers
commercial grade products

The commercial grade is the best in the field. It is primarily intended for large companies that use computers day and night and for whom it is necessary that the computer works regardless of the circumstances. But these devices are very expensive. They are usually 4 times the price of a device intended for consumers.

That is why it is mainly large companies that can afford the use of such products.


(aluminum casing,
heavy-duty hinge)

High end

to run 24/7 for
over 10 years

Refurbishing process


Green Computer sources its components primarily from large Canadian and American companies.

Several major companies opt for leasing computer equipment. Green Computer therefore has agreements with leasing firms to recover the devices at the end of the lease term. Given that the terms of commercial computer rental vary from 24 to 36 months, the devices recovered by Green Computer are recent and in very good condition.

Refurbishing process


Green Computer performs over 400 computer and mechanical tests on all components of the computer. If a part is defective or worn out, it is removed and replaced.


When the device passes all the tests, we continue with the installation of a new Windows license, updates and the set up. At the end of this step, the computer is 100% ready to be used by its future owner.


A technician thoroughly cleans the device and ensures that the aesthetics will suit even the most demanding customers.


Finally, after a final full visual inspection, the device is individually packaged with care. He is ready to proudly serve its new owner.

The most thorough refurbishing process in the industry.

All our appliances are graded GRADE A or better, meaning they are in an aesthetic state referred to as “almost new” or “like new”.

What is the Microsoft authorized certification?

In order to qualify, a company must meet the following requirements:

  • Thousands of computers sold each month;
  • A guarantee of impeccable quality;
  • Strict and rigorous production standards;
  • Brand new, 100% legal Windows licenses.

Green Computer is the only French language
retailer in Canada to have this official certification.

Green Computer Mobil-T

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  • Cell phone packages
Cell phone packages with 3GB of data
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